Methods for correctly cleaning jewelry

Here are some methods for correctly cleaning jewelry:

1. Clean with plain water: Suitable for jewelry that is not extremely dirty, such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, jade ornaments, etc. Just gently wipe the surface of the jewelry with a soft silk cloth.

2. Clean with detergent: If the jewelry is dirtier, a neutral detergent can be used. Soak the jewelry in diluted detergent, gently scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and then rinse it clean with water. This method is suitable for diamonds, metal ornaments, etc. But it should be noted that the detergent may cause damage to some gemstones, such as pearls, so it is necessary to confirm the compatibility between the detergent and the jewelry before using.

3. Special methods:

● Amber cleaning: If amber is adhered with dust and grease, it can be cleaned in water with neutral detergent added, and then wiped and dried with a soft silk cloth.

● Pearl cleaning: Pearls cannot be in contact with water for a long time, and can be wiped with a soft, slightly damp and clean cotton cloth. Avoid using toothpaste and other cleaners that may contain particles and have high hardness to prevent damage to the surface of pearls.

● Gold cleaning: Gold jewelry can be placed in diluted soapy water for cleaning, or use special jewelry cleaning solution. You can also use a cleaning agent prepared by mixing salt, baking soda, bleach powder and water. When gold turns black, you can also try to use a cleaning agent mixed with salt and vinegar, or wipe with toothpaste.

● Silver cleaning: Usually, it can be wiped with a silver wiping cloth or silver wiping powder. When oxidized, it can be cleaned with the method of tin foil plus salt and hot water.

● Agate cleaning: Just simply clean with pure water.

When cleaning jewelry, appropriate cleaning methods should be selected according to different types of jewelry, and care should be taken to avoid using cleaners or tools that may cause damage to the jewelry. At the same time, regular cleaning and maintenance of jewelry helps to maintain its beauty and value. If you are not sure about the cleaning method of jewelry, it is recommended to consult a professional jewelry consultant or send it to a jewelry store for cleaning.